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The wonderful Indigo Spider has given of herself to offer us, her online friends, the incentives and encouragement to write stories, poems, songs, drabbles, and God knows what else.  Without her self-less initiative to drive us to great or greater heights of artistic empowerment, many of us (me included) would find ourselves sinking into the pit of obscurity.  Thank you MS. SPIDER


Jason sat quietly under the young Ash tree.  The hour was quite late and the sodium vapor light glowed a fiery echo of God’s radiance on the day.  Thinking back on the last few hours, Jason felt small.  Jason’s world had crashed.  What happened?

Half a world away Jennifer sat in the shade of M1 Abrams tank.  Shrouded in sand, the orange smoldering orb of the sun burned though the khamseen, an Arabic term meaning “fifties” and refers to a dry, dust-filled windstorm that often blows sporadically over fifty days.

Jenny had given up.  Their lives were separate.  Fifty days of wind-blown sand had shriveled Jenny’s outlook.  Jason was too far removed from her desires, from her experiences, from her days here in Afghanistan.

At the last military compound, Jenny composed an E-mail, a “DEAR JOHN” letter.  The circumstances were certainly reversed, but the outcome is the same.  She wanted out. She couldn’t breathe anymore.  The sand clogged her eyes, blocked her ears, eroded her memories, and depleted her reserves.

Fifty days and the world has changed.