Yup, you found me. I’m Chessie.  I write free-lance for many biker publications and I am a regular contributor with a column of my own at “Iron Works Magazine.”

I ride motorcycles. Love them more than I love a few people in my life. I do have a GREAT MR. who understands how it is to have something itch so deep under the skin. He forgives me my “excesses” and allows me the time to ride and “be me”.

I enjoy writing and photography.  It’s the 2nd biggest love (next to riding motorcycle) of a non-adamant object.

I also am the caretaker of a live in companion, he’s kinda hairy and walks on four paws rather than 2 legs. His name is Shrek. He’s part golden retriever and part Collie.  He’s a beautiful and loving boy, I’m grateful he’s been adopted by us, and us by him.  Life sucks without the trust and love of a faithful pupster.

So that’s about all I’m gonna say about myself. Y’all be well now…ya hear?


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